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6 major reasons why excavators lose the chain, how to avoid them? ---Fujian track carrier sprocket

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6 major reasons why excavators lose the chain, how to avoid them? ---Fujian track carrier sprocket

There are many reasons for the excavator to go off the chain. In addition to dirt or stones and other impurities that will cause the excavator to go off the chain, there are also failures in the walking gear, sprocket, chain guard and other places that will cause the excavator to go off the chain. In addition, improper operation can also cause the excavator to disconnect. ---Fujian track carrier sprocket

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1. The chain disconnection caused by the failure of the tightening cylinder

At this time, you should check whether the tightening cylinder has forgotten to fill with butter, and whether there is oil leakage in the tightening cylinder.

2. Chain off caused by severe crawler wear

If it is used for a long time, the crawler belt must be worn, and the wear of the chain ribs, chain barrel and other parts on the crawler belt will also cause the crawler belt to fall off the chain.

3. Chain off caused by wear of the chain guard

Now almost all excavator tracks have chain protectors, and chain protectors play a very important role in preventing chain disconnection, so it is also very important to check whether the chain protectors are worn. ---Fujian track carrier sprocket

4. The chain disconnection caused by the wear of the drive motor gear ring

For the drive motor gear ring, if it is severely worn, we need to replace it, which is also an important reason for the excavator to go off the chain.

5. Chain off caused by damage to the sprocket wheel

Under normal circumstances, oil seal leakage of the sprocket wheel will cause serious wear of the sprocket wheel, which will cause the track to fall off the chain.

6. Chain off caused by damage to the guide wheel

When looking at the guide wheels, check that the screws on the guide wheels are not missing or broken. Is there any modification to the groove of the card guide wheel?

How to avoid derailment of excavator crawler chain

1. When walking on the construction site, please try to place the walking motor behind the walking to reduce the squeezing of the supporting sprocket.

2. The continuous walking time of the machine should not exceed 2 hours, and the walking time on the construction site should be minimized. If necessary, it is recommended to walk after a short stop on the way. ---Fujian track carrier sprocket

3. Avoid raised hard objects when walking to avoid stress concentration on the rail chain.

4. Confirm the tightness of the crawler, adjust the crawler tightly in soft places such as soil, and adjust the crawler loosely when walking on rocks. Too loose or too tight the track is not good, too loose will cause the track to easily derail, too tight will cause the chain sleeve to wear too fast.

5. Frequently check whether there is any foreign matter such as stones involved in the crawler, if any, it needs to be cleaned up.

6. Working on a muddy construction site, it is necessary to often idling to clean up the soil deposited in the crawler.

7. Try to avoid turning the excavator in situ.

8. Regularly check the rail guard and the rail guard welded under the guide wheel.

How to install the crawler chain of the excavator

Archimedes once said, "Give me a fulcrum, I can pry up the entire earth." When the excavator's track derails, how to get it back to normal, we also need a fulcrum. Our fulcrum is the bucket of the excavator. According to the different situations of the track derailment, the crawler can be installed by using the tacit cooperation of the bucket and walking. ---Fujian track carrier sprocket

The excavator derails, it is a very serious matter. If it is not operated carefully, it is easy to cause accidents. I hope that all friends will pay more attention to it in their daily work.
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