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?How to distinguish the guide wheel and drive tooth of an excavator---Sichuan excavator guide wheel

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How to distinguish the guide wheel and drive tooth of an excavator---Sichuan excavator guide wheel

How should the guide wheel and the driving wheel be distinguished? The following editor will explain to everyone, there are obvious differences between the two and the differences are as follows: ---Sichuan excavator guide wheel

1. The front wheel that rotates forward is the guide wheel, and inside the guide wheel is a toothless wheel.

2. Behind the guide wheel is the drive. The drive has a semi-circular iron plate with a round outside and teeth inside.

The surface roughness of the guide wheel shaft Ra1.6 is out of tolerance. If the roughness of the guide wheel shaft is too bad, there are many metal edges on the shaft surface, which destroy the integrity and continuity of the lubricating oil film between the shaft and the sliding bearing. When working, a large amount of metal wear debris will be generated in the lubricating oil, which will increase the surface roughness of the shaft and the bearing, and the lubrication state will become more and more deteriorated. In severe cases, the guide wheel shaft and the sliding bearing will wear out. ---Sichuan excavator guide wheel

The structure principle of the bulldozer guide wheel The guide wheel is used to support the crawler and guide the winding of the crawler. Its rim clamps the outer edge of the crawler chain track section to prevent lateral falling off. The crawler is tensioned by the tension buffer device connected to it to ease the movement. The impact force transmitted from the ground to the rack. The guide wheel is a steel plate welded structure, and its radial section is box-shaped. The guide wheel is mounted on the guide wheel shaft through a bimetal sleeve sliding bearing in the rim hole, and the two ends of the shaft are fixed on the left and right supports. The guide wheels and the left and right supports are sealed by floating oil seals, and the floating oil seals and O-rings are compressed by the locking pins between the left and right supports and the guide wheel shafts. Lubricating oil is added to the guide wheel cavity to ensure the lubrication and heat dissipation of the sliding bearing. ---Sichuan excavator guide wheel
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